“A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase their knowledge of the participants through conversation. These gatherings often consciously followed Horace's definition of the aims of poetry, ‘either to please or to educate’."

Le Salon de Sophie continues to recreate this French tradition, to educate foreigners with French language no matter what their level is, and to please them. Located in Salon-de-Provence, “a city in a country” in the heart of Provence, Sophie welcomes individual student or small groups of the same level in her salon for French courses.

From total beginner to intermediate and upper intermediate, each student will find very structured lessons and full participation to give confidence to understand and speak French during and after the program. Le Salon de Sophie is also about Salon-de-Provence the town, which you’ll discover more like a true resident, with the confidence to better understand French people and to speak with them!

The courses, the activities and your stay in Salon-de-Provence have been inspired by and designed for the students Sophie has met throughout her 8-year experience of teaching French abroad:

Students who really want to speak French and enjoy a total French immersion inside and outside the class.

Students who refuse to lose and forget what they have learned once they go back home.

Students who want to live in a charming and authentic French city for one or a few weeks without feeling like a tourist.

A bientôt au Salon de Sophie!